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gogetfor.me - Files by SMS - File Request by SMS

On The Spot File Request and Delivery via Text Message

Request by Text Message – Delivery by Email

The Problem?

Getting files to the right person is very inefficient:

  • The average US office worker prints 10,000 pages per year and wastes about 6 pages per day.
  • That’s 1,410 wasted pages per year at an average cost of 6 cents per page
  • Over 30% of all paper documents are thrown away, never read
  • And the business never knows who requests or reads any document
The Solution

To enable speedy file or document delivery, without paper or waste but with reader identity.

  • For the business – this means lower cost and reader identification
  • For the reader – this means fast delivery of  ONLY what you want

Examples – maps, product sheets, job applications, special offers, presentations, menus, price lists.


No more wasted paper.

Convenient and quick file delivery that gets the right file to the identified user without fuss, delay, paper or waste.

No Paper  –  No Waste  –  No Delay  –  No Problem

What we can do for you

We can take any document or file you have and enable that document to be requested by SMS and delivered to the right email. Examples include:

  • Maps in a park.
  • Product sheet at a tradeshow.
  • Job application at a store.
  • Loyalty card application at a store.
  • Special promotion at a store.
  • Presentation at a meeting.

Markets We Serve

Any business that has printed material that is requested by customers / guests or visitors – out of office.

  • Hospitality.
  • Retail.
  • Tourism, Parks and Attractions.
  • Field Services.
  • Education.
  • Government.

The business uploads the files or documents to gogetfor.me then places calls to action so the guest sees WHAT they can select and HOW they can receive..

  • On the product package – “Find out more about this product”.
  • In the store – “Download the job application”.
  • At the park – “Get our map in your inbox”.
  • At a grocery store – “Get our Loyalty card application”.
  • At a trade show – “Get our product sheet”.
  • At the store – “Download our promotion”.
Let us load up one of your files so you can see gogetfor.me in action